As the birth mother is deceased, and no father or other relative has come forward, I officially declare Noah Porter an orphan and ward of the state of New York. He shall continue to be cared for in an A.C.S. Facility f… Unless… Sergeant Benson, you rescued the infant, isn’t that right?

Yes, your honor.

And you’re the only one who’s taken a consistent interest on his behalf. Is there any chance you might like to become a foster mother to this baby?

I’m sorry. Excuse me, your honor?

I have a feeling about this, Sergeant Benson. Call it a judge’s hunch. If you agree, I will order Noah Porter into your care as custodial parent for one year, at which time you will be given the option to permanently adopt him.

Spring Awakening (Law & Order : SVU - 15.24)

I can’t fight for myself. I can only fight for other people.

If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like lovers and protect each other like siblings, then you know you are meant to be together.

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Is there any chance you might like to become a foster mother to this child?

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My favorite thing about Benson? I think my favorite thing is that she’s a lioness … she’s a mama bear. She will protect you at all costs. It’s not that she doesn’t have fear, it’s that she feels the fear and does it anyway.

Don’t we all need an Olivia Benson in our lives?